Why does Concrete Deteriorate?

Why does Concrete Deteriorate?

Concrete is a valued asset to most homeowners and it can be devastating to have to spend money, sometimes soon after building a home and paying initial costs for new concrete, to replace concrete areas. Often times poor installation is the cause for broken, sinking concrete. If soil is not properly compacted during the grading and leveling process, it begins to settle creating air pockets and voids beneath concrete slabs causing them to buckle, break and sink.


Other Culprits in Concrete Damage


  • Weather changes, like we see here in Utah, play a role in concrete deterioration as concrete expands in the heat and contracts in the cold.

  • The Salt used during winter months can cause pitting and scaling, especially in concrete that is a lower grade and unsealed.

  • Water from heavy rainfall, run-off or leaks can find it’s way under concrete slabs and can wash away supporting soil over time creating voids.


Expert Concrete Repair vs Replacement

Replacing concrete is expensive, luckily there is a cost effective alternative in concrete lifting. In some cases, concrete surfaces are to badly damaged to repair and will need to be replaced. Our skilled Interwest Concrete Lifting technicians will be able to determine if your concrete surface is a good candidate for concrete repair as an alternative to costly replacements and offer a free concrete lifting estimate in Salt Lake City.