Concrete Sinks

Poor compaction or the presense of water can cause soils underneath concrete slabs to shift or become unable to support the full weight of the slab. Uneven concrete is a result of one section of the concrete slab remaining supported by soil as other parts begins to sink away. Not only is uneven concrete unsafe, it also diminishes the curb appeal of your home. When concrete is cracked and chipped the whole landscape of your home is effected, especially when weeds begin to grow between cracks in concrete. 


Sometimes residential projects use concrete with higher water levels than they should. Doing so makes installing the concrete easier but also weaker. Water evaporates as concrete dries resulting in shrinkage. It is normal for concrete to shrink however, if there are large amounts of water the concrete will shrink more than it should and will pull itself apart, resulting in cracks.

All to often homeowners are left to deal with the consequences of concrete contractors that cut corners. 


Concrete takes time to dry. If the process is rushed the concrete has a greater chance of cracking. The drying process requires adequate amounts of water and can take multiple weeks to complete after the concrete is poured. It is vital to keep it from drying too quickly and all too often this is another corner that some contractors cut. 

Properly curing the slab will keep the concrete from drying out too quickly. A good concrete contractor will ensure that whatever curing method used, including water retaining methods and waterproof seals, is one that will promote the life and strength of the concrete. 

Homeowners are often left to repair sunken concrete Utah caused by poor installation, here are some concrete repair solutions:


Concrete lifting can be used to raise sunken slabs back to their original position, eliminating dangerous trip hazards. When deciding to fix or replace concrete, consider concrete lifting as a cost effective alternative to a costly total concrete replacement. Concrete lifting Utah will cost 1/2 to 1/3 the amount of concrete removal and replacement.

How it works? Small 1 1/2″ strategically placed holes are drilled in the surface of the concrete slab. These holes will be used as injection points for pumping our unique and long lasting grout mixture beneath the sunken slab, lifting it to its original posistion.

There are many ways to keep concrete from cracking, and it is our responsibility as homeowners to keep our concrete in the best condition we can. If you ignore the concrete paths and surfaces on your property, they will fall victim to cracks. By following these steps, you can keep your concrete in a superb state and keep cracks from happening!