Our Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting experts were called to asses a home's sinking foundation in Nephi, Utah. This home, as well as the entire neighborhood, required a substantial amount of soil to be brought in during the excavation process, building the area up to grade. It is common for houses in Nephi, Utah to experience significant settling of soil after the foundation of the home has been poured. Improper soil compaction is most often the cause of soil settling leading to shifting foundation and concrete damage.

All too frequently, excavators rush the process of compacting the loose soil that is brought in. Even if the most desirable soil compaction results are achieved, a home’s foundation can succumb to time, Mother Nature and elements outside of your control. There are many reasons that can result in a shifting home foundation and it is our job at Interwest to identify the cause and provide a solution. In this case we determined that resistance piers were needed after measuring and inspecting the home.

Concrete Lifting

Using Resistance Piers to Lift Home Foundation

We determined that we would need to lift the house in stages, sectioning the house into zones. Starting with the lowest zone, our foundation repair experts lifted the foundation to it’s original point. Zone by zone the home’s foundation was lifted until the highest zone was reached. This technique works well for houses that have sections that have settled away from the main house or, in this case, portions of the home had sunk to varying points. This process required 66 piers both inside as well as outside the home. In order to properly lift each zone, a hydraulic line was run through some of the walls allowing the hydraulic rams lifting one zone to connect to the others.

Resistance Piers

A common mistake contractors make is to only lift the house from outside foundation walls. Doing so ignores the disastrous potential of recurring foundation sinking as the inside bearing walls have not been reinforced. Interwest foundation lifting experts carefully and thoroughly used state of the art resistance piers and methods to repair this Nephi home’s foundation. Call one our Utah foundation repair experts today to protect the foundation of your biggest investment! 

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