Houses in Nephi UT quite often end up settling a lot. There are a couple of reasons for this, but mostly because the houses have been built on fill that has not been compacted property. When the neighborhood that this house is in was first set up they needed to bring the grade up to build. Most likely the grade was not compacted well enough. Also, no matter how well someone compacts nothing works as well to settle a house as time and Mother Nature. Sometimes there is not a whole lot one can do to prevent settling without the use of piers. As the house sat on this loose soil, it settled causing cracks in the foundation walls. When we first went out to Nephi to look at the house we saw that there were problems all over the house. Some of the windows could not close properly. As we measured and inspected the house we determined that the solution would be 66 piers all around the interior and exterior of the house.

Concrete Lifting

We determined that we would need to lift the house in stages. This means to section off the house into different zones. Starting with the lowest zone we would lift that to where it needed to be, and then move on to the next highest zone. This technique works well for houses that have sections that have settled away from the main house, or in this case, many different parts of the house sinking differently. To do this properly we needed to lift inside as well as outside. The catch here is that some of the zones encompassed some piers that were outside, and some that were inside. To lift these zones properly we needed to run our hydraulic lines through some of the walls. All of the hydraulic rams that are lifting one zone need to be connected together so that the zone is lifted correctly.

Resistance Piers

Sometimes contractors make the mistake of trying to lift the house from just the outside foundation walls. This can ignore serious problems on the inside where bearing walls may have sunk. We made sure to lift these correctly in the proper order of the zones so that when we were finished the customer was very happy. By lifting carefully and thoroughly we helped to fix and protect this customer’s largest investment.

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