Innovative Changes to Foundation Piering Utah

Innovative Changes to Foundation Piering Utah


Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting is excited to announce that we are now certified contractors of the patented Stabil-loc Foundation Piering System. This emerging solution to Utah foundation repair and lifting has an unprecedented performance record of over 20,000 installations without a single failure. We did the research and we have found that this foundation piering system is the future of Utah foundation repair.

Stabil-Loc Foundation Piering Systems can be used to fix virtually any structural foundation problem. The unique design and installation method provide more strength and durability than any other piering system out there.

How it works

Other piering methods often lead to instability and eventual failure. This new foundation piering system is installed right under the concrete that needs to be lifted, uses linear lifting and is driven deep into bedrock or stable strata. Other systems are normally offset, angled or cannot reach a stable depth. Load testing verifies that the system is set and driven to the strongest levels of earth.

The design of the system stabilizes as the structure shifts so that the foundation remains lifted and secure. Interwest is confident that an investment in Stabil-Loc Foundation Lifting Systems is an investment in sustainable and quality foundation lifting.

Proven Success

The University of Kansas conducted an independent study on the Stabil-Loc Foundation Lifting System and performed a series of structural and compression load tests and found that the pier structure provides foundation support through transferring the home foundation load as a concentric load to an adequate bearing strength material. They determined that the minimum compressive yield load strength for the critical components of the system was 140 K.

Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting professionals are excited by these findings and the enormous success of this advanced, state of the art Utah Foundation Piering System. Our concrete piering professionals strive to be on the cutting edge of foundation repair and lead the industry with reliable, sustainable Utah foundation lifting.