Lifting An Entire House After Foundation Settlement

A customer in Nephi and searched and eventually found the perfect home, or so they thought. They fell in love with the layout, the location and it checked off all their requirements. Their long search for their perfect home was over, but all efforts to purchase were halted when they discovered that the foundation of this perfect home had settled. The foundation settlement was extreme enough that no bank would loan on it. The foundation damage reduced the value of the home to the point that this client was able to purchase the home, with help from their family, for well under $100,000. Once the home was purchased, Interwest was hired us to fix the foundation and add substantial equity to his home.

Settled Foundation in Utah

The foundation had settled because of how the grade had been filled in before the house was built. Brick houses are very heavy and will settle very baldly if not built on proper soil, or pre-construction piers. For this reason, the house settled nearly 6 inches! To fix Utah foundation settlement, we set up a plan that called for 41 piers all throughout the house, inside and outside.

Concrete Lifting Settlements

The foundation had settled in a way that left it mostly intact. In most cases, different sections of the structure settles in different directions or amounts. In this case, the whole house had gone the same direction and in equal amounts. We would not be able to lift the house using only a few piers tied together to lift one section at a time. Instead we had to connect all 41 piers together, lifting the entire structure at one time. The experts at Interwest Piering and Concrete Lifting drew on their extensive knowledge and experience to tackle this complex and difficult Utah foundation lifting project successfully.
The completion of this total foundation lifting added immense value to this Nephi home while allowing our clients to live in their dream home, sure that it was set on a firm foundation for years to come. If you are needing an assessment of your sinking foundation in Utah, call the experts at Interwest today for a free estimate!
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