Lifting An Entire House After Foundation Settlement

Imagine you’re shopping for a house to buy. You find the perfect one, it is in the best location, it has all the space you need, and has an awesome layout, but the foundation has settled. What do you do? This customer in Nephi hired us to fix the foundation and add equity to his home. The foundation settlement was so bad that no bank would loan on it. Settled FoundationWith the help of their family they were able to purchase the home for well under $100,000, and then they brought us in to see what we could do.

The foundation had settled because of how the grade had been filled in before he house was built. Brick houses are very heavy, and will settle very baldly if not built on proper soil, or pre-construction piers. For this reason, the house settled almost 6 inches! To fix the foundation settlement, we set up a plan that called for 41 piers all throughout the house, inside and outside.

Concrete Lifting Settlements

The foundation had settled in a way that left it mostly intact. Foundation Lifting Piers in some cases, different sections of the house settled different directions or amounts. In this case, the whole house had gone the same direction. We would not be able to lift the house in stages, little by little. The crew had to lift it all at the same time. Foundation Lifting PierThis means that instead of having a few piers tied together to lift one section of the house at a time, when it came time to lift it, we needed to connect all 41 piers together and lift the entire house. This increases the difficulty of the lift in that the crew has a lot more to pay attention to all at once. They did a great job getting the house back into place.


After the job was complete we gave the customer their piering certificate and they added that value to their home. They were able to purchase their dream home, and make sure that it was set on a firm foundation for years to come.

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