Curb Appeal

Curb Appeal

First impressions are a vital part of selling a home. If there is concrete damage outside the home, potential buyers are more likely to pass by without ever stepping foot inside to see what your home has to offer.



Curb appeal can make or break a property. Check for concrete damage and consider making repairs to attract buys, raise the value of your home and pass home inspections. There are emerging low cost options, such as concrete lifting, to fix cracks and sunken concrete slabs. These concrete repair alternatives allow you to fix areas that are damages as opposed to a  costly total concrete replacement. These small repairs do not break the bank and can add immense value and improved aesthetics to your home.


What causes concrete to sink?


  • Inadequate Soil Compaction Prior to Concrete Pour

  • Improper Drainage During Construction

  • Excessive Moisture, Water Run Offs

  • Shifting Soil

  • Tree Roots


How does concrete lifting work?


Small holes are drilled in the surface of concrete slabs. A long lasting, quality grout mixture is alternatively pumped into these injection points to vill voids and raise sunken slabs. These drilled injection points are patched, matched to your concrete color, leaving your damaged concrete as good as new!


The last thing you want when selling your home is to spend large amounts of money in repairs, drawing out the time preparing your home to sell or being met with a bad inspection. Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting is taking the stress out of concrete repair with our low cost concrete repair, the process is fast and the concrete surface is ready for traffic the next day!

Call Interwest Piering & Concrete Lifting today to learn more about concrete lifting as a low cost alternative to a total concrete replacement.