With the sub freezing temperatures and snow on the ground, winter is officially upon us. We have had a great year concrete lifting. The cold temperatures outside mean we have entered our slow season for concrete lifting.

Most of our concrete lifting jobs are done outside and weather is a big factor in what we do. Not only would our crew rather work in warmer temperatures, but when it gets cold we actually can’t do concrete lifting.

Concrete lifting uses hydraulic pressure to pump a mixture under the slab. This mixture has a fair amount of water in it, thus as the air temperature drops we run the risk of having our mixture freeze. This could damage the pump we use, or the mixer, and makes clean up difficult because the easiest way to clear out excess mix is to use a pressure washer. This could make for hazardous walking surfaces.

In addition to our concrete mix freezing, frozen moisture in the ground acts as an adhesive. This means that the ground and slab are stuck together. Any attempt at lifting the concrete could result in the concrete breaking before any lifting happens.

So we’ll enjoy the holidays with our families during this little break and then look forward to spring when we’ll be back at lifting more concrete again!


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