It’s not uncommon for an interior floor slab to sink because of improper compaction, especially when the floor is placed on fill. That was the case in this Salt Lake City home. Using an advanced Utah concrete lifting process, Interwest concrete experts were able to lift the floor back into place, saving the homeowner thousands of dollars.

Typically when a concrete floor is constructed the footings and foundation are excavated and placed on virgin soil. If the footings aren’t properly backfilled and compacted the concrete can sink around the perimeter of the home where the foundation walls meet the slab. If the slab has been doweled into the foundation walls large voids can develop leaving the slab suspended in the air. In this home there is no basement so the main floor slab was placed on grade. However the slab was not doweled into the foundation walls and the footings were not properly backfilled and compacted. This caused the slab to sink where it meets the foundation wall.

 Salt Lake City Interior Concrete Floor Repair

To fix this problem a series of holes were drilled into floor along the perimeter walls. Interwest concrete lifting then used a hydraulic grout pump to force grout beneath the slab and lift the concrete back into place. We were even able to lift some interior walls where the footings had settled causing cracks in the walls. Although this problem could have been avoided entirely by compacting the fill in the first place, the homeowner was pleased to know there was an economical alternative to removing and replacing his entire floor.

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