Concrete settlement is a big problem in Utah. The soil here shifts quite a bit. We know as well as you that contractors sometimes do not compact the soil well enough. This leads to situations where concrete lifting is necessary. Normally we see concrete settle a couple of inches. You can walk down your street and find that pretty quickly. It is rare for us to see what the crew ran into in Alpine. The concrete in this driveway had sunk up to a foot in some places. You can see the large voids under some of the slabs. Not only is this damaging the concrete, a but the driveway is unusable.

While there are a few different causes of concrete settling our concrete lifting crew has the solution. They got to work right away drilling holes and mixing material to raise this concrete back into place. The concrete lifting crew put 126 cubic feet of material under these slabs to lift them back into place.

Take a minute to think about how much space was under the driveway. This problem was not going away anytime soon, and would have gotten worse if we had not sent our concrete lifting crew to take care of it.

The client was very happy with the concrete lifting project. They can use their driveway again, and the serious voids under their concrete have been filled.

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