Concrete settlement in Utah is all too common. The soil in Utah is known to shift quite a bit and contractors often do not compact the soil well enough to compensate for increasing soil shifting trends. This leads to the frequent occurrence of excessive concrete damage and necessary concrete lifting repairs.

Concrete typically settles a couple of inches, evident when you walk down your street and notice the unevenness of the sidewalk. We encountered a much more extreme and rare case of concrete damage in this Alpine concrete lifting case. The concrete driveway had sunk up to a foot in some places causing large voids underneath concrete slabs that could be visibly seen. This concrete damage rendered the driveway completely unusable.

Interwest Concrete Lifting Utah Solutions

Interwest concrete lifting experts determined the cause for the sinking concrete and devised a customized concrete lifting solution. They executed the concrete repair plan, drilling holes, mixing material, quickly and efficiently to raise this concrete back into place in a timely manner. 126 cubic feet of material was required and pumped underneath the sunken slabs to lift them back into place.

The void underneath this driveway was incredibly vast, without executing our Utah concrete lifting solution the homeowners would have been faced with a costly total driveway replacement. Our Interwest concrete lifting experts were able to restore the driveway to it’s original state at a fraction of the cost, our customers were pleased with the results and alternative cost to a total replacement.

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