Foundation problems are no joke, so when you need foundation repair you want a serious company that can get the job done right. Interwest is an industry leader with many years of experience manufacturing high capacity, high quality steel piling products. Our products are designed to spec by Utah and Colorado engineers who understand deep foundations and deep foundation repair. Every Interwest product is installed by a qualified contractor with a longstanding and impeccable reputation. Don’t gamble with your foundation needs, rely on the time-tested expertise of Interwest.

Helical Piers

Helical Piers are steel shafts, square or round, with helices welded onto them at specific angles. The end product resembles a large screw that is screwed into the ground. Helical piers provide foundation support for homes, large structures, boat docks, and many other purposes.

The load of the structure is transferred to stable soil deep in the ground. The helical pier facilitates this transfer of weight, giving structures a deep foundation solution.

Helical piers can be used in many different applications. They are ideal for new construction, but can be used to repair sunken foundations as well. Whenever a project calls for driven piles or caissons, helical piers can be used. They are especially good for foundations that are exposed to a lot of moisture.

Helical Piers
Helical Piers

Interwest is your authorized dealer of Magnum’s Helical Pier systems. Magnum Helical Piers are designed with round shafts. This design provides more lateral strength and stability than square bar shaft designs.

If you are unsure about the foundation that your new construction will be built on, or if your existing foundation has settled, call us and we can give you a detailed plan of how Magnum Helical Piers installed by Interwest can help.

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